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Provocative, stimulating, beautiful, compelling and controversial, just a few words to describe the works of the seemingly reserved Mazel Defienne. For over 25 years her style has tripped the light fantastic and evolved from realism to surrealism on into Abstraction and back again creating a strong almost tangible emotional aura around her art that you can both see and feel.

Mazel Defienne

Mazel was born in 1952 on the charming island of Trinidad. As a child growing deep in the country, on her father estate, Mazel recalls the solitude that permeated her daily life and in an effort to fill her time with meaning she started to draw. Mazel immigrated to the friendly island of St Maarten in 1975, but did not begin painting until encouraged to do so by her husband, Sylvain in 1982.
Inspired by what she calls “the release of emotion”, Mazel paints in her studio from memory the people and places she has come across in her numerous travels.
“ I paint what I see in mind, I do not try to recreate exactly, because there is nothing in creation that one can improve

Mazel chooses to interpret her subjects in many ways, her style traversing the movements from Realism to Surrealism and on into Abstraction. The content of her works are obviously influenced by her emotional state, through her paintings one can view her joy, her hope, her fear and her inner turmoil.
Mazel paints with an open heart and a vibrant palette, her style is never stagnant and with each new work she reveals more of herself to you.
On her unending journey within herself, she uncovers and discovers hidden depths of the emotional ties between her subjects and herself. Mazel's expedition within herself continues and promises to be both exciting and unpredictable. Come, journey with her.



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